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$20 a Week, Part 2 – On the Edge


Two weeks ago, I posted about the books on my pull list, which I try hold to a high standard because of my $20 a week budget. But those aren’t the only books I buy each month. I also have a number of books on the edge. On the edge represents those books that haven’t been good enough to subscribe to, but haven’t been bad enough to stop buying.

Black Widow – Widow is one of my favorite characters who is always on the verge of supporting their own book. I find it genuinely confusing that the industry can’t support a monthly super-spy book, though I suppose Captain America fills a bit of that niche. I liked Marjorie Liu and Daniel Acuna’s arc, but now the creative team is already changing. I’m going to buy the next issue, but I’m treating it like a #1. I’ll give Swiercynzki two months to convince me. I dug his Iron Fist, so I’m optimistic.

Morning Glories – What a geat two issues this book has had. Anyone who read my review knows I was interested since the first teaser was released. I just hope the Spencer and Eisma can keep the momentum going.

Nemesis – I shouldn’t buy this book. I respect both of the creators, but this is so far below the level of quality that I have come to expect from each of them. I haven’t really enjoyed the two issues so far, but a day will come when I will wish I had read this. I dropped Kick -Ass around issue four, and then spent too much time tracking down the issues I missed once it had been completed. Eight dollars now is better than 20 dollar later.

Scarlet – In my last review, I said that Scarlet needed to give me the big hook soon or I was gone. Then on Wednesday, Bendis tweeted that the big hook is coming in issue four. So … I guess I’m reading until then.

War Heroes – What’s the book about again? Oh right, soldiers given powers to fight the war on terror. Maybe now that Ex Machina is finished, Tony Harris can knock these issues out.

Ultimate X – Batman: Hush was one of the stories that got me into comics. Daredevil: Yellow is my favorite hero story ever. Because of those facts, I have a soft spot for Jeph Loeb. Much of his current output has been, well, stupid, but Ultimate X is different. Where Hulk is dumb fun and Ultimates 3 was such a reversal of Millar’s Ultimates, Ultimate X has been a methodical, character-based book. There just haven’t been enough issues for me to commit yet.

Uncanny X-Men – This has until the end of the current arc before I make a decision. I’m a fan of the X-Men and since Messiah Complex, Uncanny has been the crucial book for following their adventures. Since Second Coming however, I’m not sure what this book’s mission or identity is. Even the idea of the current arc, showcasing five new mutants, will be usurped by Generation Hope in a couple months. After that, I get the fear that Matt Fraction will be left holding the bag. AND THEN … Marvel announced that Kieron Gillen, one of the geniuses behind Phonogram, will be joining Fraction on writing with issue #531. I haven’t been wild about anything Gillen’s done for Marvel, but this is an interesting development to say the least. DAMN YOU MARVEL AND YOUR CREATIVE TEAM TRICKERY!

The whole part of discussing a pull list is so you, the readers can see what I like (and I don’t) and make some suggestions. So have at it! What series am I missing out on right now?

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