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Who’s This Guy?


Welcome. Whether found Bells’ Kitchen early in its run or are searching the archives, I figure I should give you some background.

I was born in 1985. I’ve been reading comics since age 20. I live in the second largest city in New England. I work in advertising. I play guitar. I’m a bad driver, but I’m always on time. I hate whales and cilantro.

When it comes to reviews and commentaries, I like knowing about the writer. You need to know someone’s taste before you can relate their opinions to your own. I love Smashing Pumpkins. But if a reviewer doesn’t, how are their feelings on Silversun Pickups relevant to me? Context is everything.

So, who am I? Here are a few quick lists to give you some idea. And yeah, it’s my blog; I reserve the right to edit these any time I want.

Favorite Writers:
Brian K. Vaughan
Greg Rucka

Favorite Artists:
Jamie McKelvie
Tim Sale
George Pérez

Favorite Current Books:
Secret Six

Favorite Series:
Y: The Last Man
Queen and Country
Strangers in Paradise
Gotham Central

Favorite Stories:
Phonogram 2: The Singles Club
Daredevil: Yellow
The Ultimates 1 and 2
Daredevil: Born Again

Favorite Characters:
Teen Titans

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